« Speak – Advocate to Your Team

Overcoming uncertainty or opposition is critical to successfully encouraging innovation and initiative. As outsiders, we can often make a case for change that is less threatening and better received. All presentations are custom designed to the demands and uniqueness of the organization and the audience. Options Include:

Discovery – Presentations that introduce core concepts in a lively manner. Approach can be focused on organizational and/or personal improvement. (Up to 90 minutes.)

Explore – Seminars that broaden the message of the presentation and let participants explore concepts more deeply. Includes determining personal Risk Quotients (RQ) and an introduction to many concepts that influence behavior and performance. (Up to 3 hours.)

Prepare to Execute – A working session that includes all the content of the Presentation and the Seminar plus adds the process of determining the preferred Organizational Risk Posture for 10 each participant’s organization, how to incentivize and achieve it plus more material and concepts. (Up to 6 hours.)

More OptionsWebinars and Custom Online Courses are additional options for advocating to your team.

Uniqueness – You can add an uncommon and memorable element when Institute president Jim McCormick arrives by parachute. (An option at many venues.)

▶ Unleashing Organizational Courage ▶ Unleashing Professional Courage ▶ Your Employee’s Attitudes Towards Risk Testimonials

« Advise – Create the Plan

The task of improving organizational performance must be approached thoughtfully and with respect for both the organization’s legacy and a clear focus on desired outcomes. We work collaboratively with our clients to devise strategies that are realistic and effective.


« Implement – Execute The Plan


Even the most impressive plan is of little value if it is not implemented well. We stand alongside our clients during this critical phase to assure the outcome they are seeking.


« Coach – Guide, Support, Overcome & Excel

Even the most extraordinary performers can benefit from insights and guidance. Our coaching starts with identifying clear and quantifiable goals then the path to achieving them. With the goals and path established, the journey begins. Coaching efforts can be part of a broader organizational initiative or an individual undertaking. Whether coaching executives, high-potentials or entrepreneurs, our coaching provides support, clarity and accountability.

Coaching Testimonials

« Innovation Circles

How to both Minimize and Accept the Undesirables


Innovation Circles are an exciting new offering from the Institute. Working with other thought leaders in innovation, we support a small number of professionals who are tasked by their organizations to lead, inspire and guide innovation. The Circles bring together a unique combination of expertise in how to drive the process of innovation and how to overcome the barriers.
Expertise in the mechanical and the emotional. Expertise in how to do it and how to shepherd it.
Because even the most promising seeds die when they fall on unreceptive soil.

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