Risk Protection = More Caution. Really?

There is an interesting study published in the journal Injury Prevention on behavior change among skiers and snowboarders when they wear a helmet. What would you guess? > Option A:  Would you think that a person who wears a helmet would think they are better protected from injury and be more risk inclined? > Option […]

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Want Shorter Meetings? Trash the Chairs.

We all know that meetings are necessary … and at times significantly longer than necessary or productive. Andy Kessler had a brilliant piece recently in the Wall Street Journal that offers that some excellent insights and suggestions for making meetings more productive and shorter. His ideas are too good not to share. Here are some. […]

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Risk Well “and Stuff”

Right after the last out of the 2014 World Series, Chevy gave a pickup to the most valuable player.  The poor guy tasked to present the keys looked like he was about to have a stroke.  He struggled to get words out, sweated profusely and started to stutter.  When he got to the part where […]

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Are Some People Born Risk-Takers?

I have said many times in books, articles and speeches that there is no ideal level of risk inclination – no perfect Risk Quotient (RQ). The risk adverse can make a vital contribution by being more cautious and deliberative. The risk inclined can help others overcome uncertainties and provide a valuable bias for action. But […]

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An Innovative Environment Helps Attract the Best People

We all hear about the importance of organizations being innovative. Seems reasonable. An innovative organization should be able to find ways to do things better, develop more new products and services and be generally more effective. These outcomes can all bolster an organization’s competitive advantage. But research shows that an innovative environment contributes to an […]

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Dads Well-Suited to Teach Kids to Risk

If you’re like me, you see roughhousing with the kids as a great way to help them expend some of their boundless energy with the side benefit of some parent/child bonding.  But research reveals additional benefits – roughhousing teaches risk-taking to children. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal tells us that many researchers […]

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Encourage Disobedience

Here are the first two sentences in a recent article that got my attention: “Want to be more competitive? Then empower your most technologically disobedient employees.” The core message is that employees want to do their job and they will seek the tools to do so.  If the corporate Information Technology (IT) department does not […]

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Risk-Taking is the Answer

In a recent interview, Michael Crow identified risk-taking as vital. Who is Michael Crow? He has been the president of Arizona State University for twelve years. During his tenure enrollment has increased 38%, research spending has tripled and tuition has been kept in check. What’s his secret in a setting in which many universities are […]

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Overcome Resistance – Have an Outsider Deliver Your Idea

The process of innovation requires selling ideas and the change they invite.  Since most people are change adverse, knowing how to sell your ideas can make the difference between success and failure. There was in interesting report on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition that can offer us some suggestions.  The core insight as it relates […]

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Embracing Risk

Our relationship with risk has a profound impact on the quality and character of our lives. If we are significantly risk averse, we will miss opportunities. If we are significantly risk inclined, we may find ourselves regularly facing unproductive turmoil. Most of us would benefit by taking a few more risks as long as we […]

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